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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Civic EK steering column with light

Super rare Civic EK 96-00 Honda Access steering column with light. Item is in good condition, come with long wiring harness and relay. Only one set available, dark gray color.

Honda Modulo 15 inch rim

Honda Modulo 15 inch rim taken out from EK9. Item in fair condition, no bend or major scratch and no center cap. Come with Snow Tyre all around.

B16B OEM header

B16B a.k.a EK9 OEM header in good condition. No major dent, sensor not included.

Civic EG Power Folding Mirror switch

Civic EG power folding mirror switch come with socket and pigtail wiring. Item is in good and working condition. Taken out fron JDM EG6 front cut that was bought few months back.

Mugen Type SS wing

Authentic Mugen Type SS wing for Civic EK 96-00 sedan or coupe. Item in good condition, no crack or major scratch. A must for hardcore Mugen fans out there.

Mugen DC side skirt

Authentic Mugen DC2 side skirt in fair condition. Few crack at bottom but hardly noticeable once install. Plug and play to DC2 only.

Civic EK VTi front and rear lip


Mugen SW3 steering wheel



Saturday, December 25, 2010

EK9 rear sway bar

EK9 rear 22mm rear swat bar. Item in good condition, complete with hardware to install it. ASR/Function 7 sub frame is recommended when using this sway bar.

Top Fuel Air Filter

Top Fuel air filter taken out from EK9. Item in fair condition and still in good shape. Can be install to whale penis style air ram only.

Mitsubishi Evo door card handle

Mitsubishi Evo/GSR black door card/door trim handle. Item in good condition, no major scratch or broken tab. Perfect for those who bought EVO/GSR door card/door trim and does not get this item.

NGK R09 plug cable


B16B crankshaft

B16B a.k.a EK9 crankshaft with connecting rod(not in the picture). Item in great shape and ready to be install.

Spoon Vtec controller


Daihatsu Move chrome door handle

Authentic Daihatsu move chrome door handle in perfect condition. Complete 5pcs as shown in picture. Plug and play to Perodua Kenari. No crack or broken tab.

DOHC Vtec solenoid

DOHC VTEC solenoid taken out from EK4 B16A obd2a engine. Good replacement for those who has a faulty unit or who want to keep it as spare.

Civic EG9 map light

OEM map light a.k.a reading light taken put from Civic EG9. Item in good condition, no crack or broken tab. Can be install to Civic EK and Integra DC2/DB8 as well.

Type R wheel center cap


EK9/DC2R and Mugen gear knob

Authentic EK9/DC2 and Mugen gear knob with lock nut. Item in good condition, no major scratch. This gear knob originally come from type R only.

EK9 sun visor with vanity mirror

EK9 dark gray sun visor with vanity mirror on both side. Item is in great shape and plug and play to Civic EK 96-00 only.

B16B complete intake manifold


Civic Coupe Floormat


Spoon Street Type Exhaust